Friday, September 21, 2018

Fellatio Friday #106

Hello and welcome to a new exciting Fellatio Friday post! Well, I don't know if you are excited, but I certainly am, with all the excellent photos I have the privilege to display here! Thanks for your contribution to the group that I shall mention after the first photo, because reasons!
106 is...the australian national text emergency number, apparently! I was not even aware such a thing existed, but good to know. Now that I texted it, I hope someone will come to give me some help down under....oh but that's for the Pussy Licking group. We're gonna have a post from that group as well so join it if you haven't yet and....

Stop talking, Kat! Let us look at Her eyes in Scotty's photo!

....and keep contributing to the flickr group this post is based on, the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group! It's opted out and everything, obviously. We want your good sucky stuff, and that's all! Do I need the whole big disclaimer about what gets 'picked' and not? Nah, right? Just enjoy sending your photos, share them, and I hope you'll like the things published here, find new photographers, explore old work of those you know, spot personal favourites and shots you missed in the chaotic world of flickr....and all that. ....Enjoy!

baby i know you need me, as i need you - King B. Imperial (hey, it is about sucking!)

Office visit - Curty Dovgal

Fellatio Friday - A Little Force - Cheryl Reddevil

Stress relief - Ayela

time for my favorite meal desert! - Schism Zeplin (have you seen her pictorial by Isa on this blog?)

As the news wasn't good, they decide to have fun at work ... - Paula Berger

Untitled by Mandi Will

He makes me do bad things - Brea Brianna

Red Room Revisited 1/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (do check the amazing full blog POST!)

Feed Me - Chase Stone

Here's Bibble Sugartooth's promo photo of the latest from Nevoir poses @ XXX

Away - Eripom Moonwall

Just a Taste - Kera Firecaster

Untitled by Christina Vilda

Snapshot_030 - BigD Elcano continuing his Thirst Quenchers series

the O's - Kasim O

and Taking care of Daddy - Abhati O

We just made our treatment decision for patient's well-being - Betty Fashionlover

"I Love You More Than Cupcakes" - Marcus Strong

mine♥ - Adara Steele

The power of Alayna - Mondy Brangwin

BDSM BlowJob - Tegan Malone

Sharing is caring... - Tessiadoll

20180913_010400 - Thiago Scalli

How Many Licks - Adrian Hellershanks (okay okay, last one for this post, I promise!)

Blacklist on the Run - Mortal Kumbath - Sandra Palletier

country friday - Ludwig Sabretooth

from the Rainbow Party Series on display at the Forbidden Fruit gallery, TourDiddy

candy - Tatusia Snowflake

1_005 - Stacy Gregory

favorite number - Torsten Holst

Confession Time! ⛪ - Spoiled Dolly

Milking Curty - Satomi Kano

She takes what is Hers - Storm Greystoke

...never waste a drop... - Enki

And we are closing the post with a picture so gorgeous and hot on so many levels in Insatiable by Jodie Darling, and one of the many ultra sexy pics by Zunx. This time it's the turn of Sinking !

Allright, enough for today! Enjoy your day, your weekend, and everything juicy!

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