Saturday, December 3, 2016

Dog Star Performer of the Month - December 2016 - ραятєє мчтιLι

Partee is well named in the sense that her attendance at any one of the industry parties is almost a given.  She is one of the most welcoming and warm-spirited people I have ever met in SL.  She is also quite active in the business, having posed for countless pictures and dozens of films. Everyone loves a party yes, but it really is also true that everyone loves Partee.  I'm thrilled to have her as my December 2016 Performer of the Month.

Pictorial by Ali Fox

Isa:   Generally speaking, where in the world are you from?
Partee:   Born in Minnesota in the USA as a 3rd generation Swedish girl.  Moved to Idaho in the USA so I am now a cowgirl!  Yeee Haaaawww! 

Isa:   How did you find Second Life?
Partee:   Heard about it repeatedly on Science Friday on NPR but only when I ran across a web page a couple of years later about Latex Dolls in Second Life (Don’t ask how I came across it) did I decide to take a look.

Isa:   How did you get into SL pornography?
Partee:   I had taken a few pics here and there of myself and the landscapes just for my own use.  But then l ran across profiles of others who mentioned their photographic work on flickr and other blogs  I saw some of the amazing pictures that people took I was hooked!  Started taking pics with an eye for how they looked aesthetically.  I should add most of that early work is now buried in the back forty in peat moss!  But I decided early on to pay attention to the work of others and try to learn and understand how they made their images so incredibly lovely.  I still do.

Isa:   What do you enjoy most about posing for erotic and/or adult pictures and films?
Partee:   Have to admit I enjoy it immensely.  I try to make sure I match the look and feel that the photographer or videographer is looking for.  But at a certain point everything has been done and I get to just relax and enjoy the moment.  And I would be untruthful if I didn’t admit I find a great deal of pleasure from knowing that I am able to arouse others with my involvement.

Isa:   What is one thing about SL pornography you would change if you could?
Partee:   Well of course a more realistic body would be such a boon.  One cannot twist or turn the avi bodies in ways that match how we, I can move in real life.  This doesn’t mean that I practice yoga anymore mind you but they limit the kind of images one can take.   The other major thing is a way of keeping bodies from blending or moving thru each other.  Technically it is possible but right now the needed computing capacity to accomplish that is not within reach yet of PCs.

Isa:   You've done some set building for Dog Star and probably other people.  How did you get so good at that??
Partee:   Well I love to decorate in real life.  Have done so for my own home and have helped out friends with theirs.  To that end I love visiting second hand stores and finding amazing odds and ends to use to give a space a unique look.  I was sad when a few months ago the second hand store which was a kilometer away closed. In the end it is just somehow an eye for how a space plays out.  Does it give a sense of being some place you could imagine in real life?  I guess that is my guiding principal.
I fantasize at times that I would loved to have been a set decorator working in Hollywood! 

Isa:   What advice do you have for new performers trying to get into SL porn?
Partee:   Attention to how you appear is vitally important.  You need to make sure that you have the right body, shape, face, makeup, jewelry, shoes, and clothing.  And to that end I think it is always important to listen to others and take their advice seriously.  I had a couple of mentors along the way who really helped me shape my avi though any shortcomings that remain are my own fault!  Attend the parties, join the groups.  Listen a lot!! but do speak up and try to let people notice you.  And most important of all is to be yourself.  Be true to who you are without any affect.  Remember there remains a great deal of chance!  I got my first big break in films by being in the right place at the right time.

Isa:   Is there anything I haven't asked you that I should have that you want to discuss?
Partee:   Oh dear that is such a wide open question.  Lots of things swirl in my mind wanting to burst forth but if I do this interview would be much longer! So I will simply say thank you!

Dog Star Films Partee has starred/collaborated in:

In the latter movie, not only did she star in the film but she built the set the film was shot in.  No small feat! 


  1. A true one of a kind. Truly beautiful inside and out. Great interview and congratulations, Parteeeee!


  2. Great interview. You are amazing Partee. Very talented girl. I admire that :) Kisses and Hugs

  3. Awesome interview. Partee is amazing and very talented girl.