Friday, August 2, 2019

Fellatio Friday #151

Greetings! It's Friday, and that means...yes, exactly! Means that cocks are to be sucked! It's something good to do all week long of course, but we especially want it to happen on camera on Friday! Why that? Of course because this way we get to have on flickr a big juicy Fellatio Friday! Some people send handfuls of mouthful pics every week, others contribute more sparingly...but oh so significantly! The first pic this week is from a debutante that already shows much prowess....

It is Cathy Gray in this FF - Two Girls One Cock! shot featuring also a favourite fellatrix of mine, Traci Quandry! Looking forward to more !

So on this blog post you see a little bit of little and not so little bits, as it gathers photos from the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group, the biggest and bestest (of course) flickr group themed around oral sex in SL! You can see plenty photos all week long if you are a group member, and we pick a few every week to showcase the juicy goodness for your viewing pleasure. We try and pick a variety of people - but tending to feature the regular contributors whenever possible too, since many send more pics than we have weeks in a year! - anddd nothing much more to say, just enjoy the smut!

Cleaning up. - Cody Aethmorot

________dirty_________ - Purplerain Exonar

Wet, wet, wet [all over his face] - Elena Starr (ejsilverstar)

Lemme Guess - Catalina

Domizia Contest - Roxi Richez

City girl in the hayloft - Wyatt Stone

Diversion, or Distraction - Dakota Faith

Need Your Attention - Misty Breda Slutpuppy

Out of the blue! - Rhea111

Perfect Afternoon1 - Ceilidh Stewart (Ana Winters)

Messy goes on! - Melina Jameson

She's such a show off - Ramos Darkfold

Zero G - Ali Denali

Jack & Tegann - Larry Vinaver

Curiosity - Sandra Palletier

Cheap Motel1 - Bell Asteria

Forbidden Fruit Inc - TourDiddy (prepare for the gala tomorrow!)

2019-07-28_10-44-35 - Thiago Scalli

Untitled by Sergey Uralia

Water lust - Dylan Cohen

Fellatio Friday with izabellabanozic - David Storm
The sluts are working for free today!! - Marley


Waking up the right way - Keanna Appletor

Feeding - Rajakumari Sundara

The Journalist-The Naked Truth - Cathy Palen in another almost movie by Marcus Strong!

Shower - Jade Doet

Bella Kisses It!!!! - Alexis Futanari

Hotel in France.French breakfast - Ludwig Sabretooth

Me turned into an Horny SLUT - JoeCIA87

Air Tight_001 -  Mandy Galileo

way too big - Emily Pia Mia Moore

Untitled by Mandi Will

As She Empties His Clip - Roman Warden

And I am closing the post with another original take on the theme, with Scorecard by Dynasty Twine! Plus, officially one of our 5 biggest (not just in size!) contributors to the group, the man of many casting calls BigD Elcano, in his Snapshot_074, of many, taken from his photoset "The SlurpJob. Starring Karlee Cumbunny"! I love people with a flair for titles!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your summer with something HOT between the lips!

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