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The Goddess Kali & The Service of Mankind Church

In my adventures in SL I sometimes encounter people, many of whom have truly unique and interesting lifestyles.  Today I thought I'd share one with you that I had honestly never heard of before.  I met Slave Braveheart at one of the CFNM places and a few weeks later we have this interview.  I hope you enjoy it and maybe learn something new!  ~ Isa  💋

The Goddess Kali & The Service of Mankind Church
  interview and photos by Isabelle Cheviot

Isa:  Slave, and I should mention here that Slave is your name, not just your title, thank you for taking the time to chat with me and share your fascinating lifestyle.  First for some context, what part of the world are you from?

Slave:  Yes, Ms Isabelle. I live in Denver, Colorado.

Isa:  How did you 'discover' Second Life?

Slave:  I joined SL almost 11 years ago. To be honest, I don't remember how I discovered it. I think someone mentioned it in an AOL Chat. That's how long ago it was!

Isa:  So let's just get down to and I met at Elysium CFNM.  After perving your profile, we chatted a bit and you told me about your unique lifestyle.  Why don't you tell us what the Essemian Church is and a bit of background on how you got involved.

Slave:  I should clarify that I don't speak for the Service of Mankind Church (SMC) in any official capacity. I'm just expressing my understanding of the Church, as well as my own views.

Isa:  Noted.  And I'll add that anything you say in this interview is your opinion and may not be shared by me. :)  Glad we got all that legalese out of the way!

Slave:  I discovered the Essemian, or Service of Mankind, Church website about 20 years ago. I thought it was interesting that the Church was registered as a religious organization with the state of California and dated back to the late 1970s/early 1980s. I began to participate in the now-defunct Sunday afternoon chat, which gave devotees the opportunity to talk to Priestesses of the Church. The more I chatted with the Priestesses, the more I found myself in violent agreement. I had that bittersweet thought: "Where have you been all my life?" I follow the Service of Mankind Church (SMC) on Fetlife, and contribute poems and other writings from time to time. At the suggestion of an SMC Priestess, I changed my Fet name to Kalislave1. I had to add the "1" because somebody beat me to it. I recently ordered and read the paper copy of the "Essemian Manifesto", which is not available online.
     It was a fascinating explanation of the natural order that is (or should be) Female Supremacy. It is set within the context of Goddess Kali's domination of Siva. This singular defiant act, literally placing Woman above man is why many Female Supremacists (Female and male) look to Goddess Kali for guidance and inspiration. The SMC has its own interpretation of Goddess Kali, which differs from the Hindu perspective. However, there are those of us who believe that the Goddess's true nature, power and meaning were hijacked over time by a male chauvinist Hindu priesthood and a male chauvinist British colonial government. Some experts in the field believe that Goddess Kali pre-dates Hinduism and point to historical and *archaeological* evidence. I believe that the SMC's interpretation of the Goddess may be closer to the primordial perspective.

Goddess Kali - Wikipedia
     Wishing I could attend one of the ceremonies or rituals at the Church, but separated from it by about 1300 miles, I asked a Priestess in chat if I should try to establish a Colorado or Rocky Mountain chapter. She supported the idea. I've been working on it since, seeking like-minded allies at Pagan and Wiccan events. I found a few people who expressed interest, but they moved or lost touch. It's an ongoing project. If any reader is interested in expanding the SMC, please contact me. The SMC ultimately wishes to establish a new Eden, done right this time. This would be a Gynarchic realm, one of absolute Female Authority. Males would assume their rightful Goddess-given place as slaves, servants and laborers, dedicated to the comfort and pleasure of the Female population. This advanced society could be fully "green", thus honoring Gaia as well. This advanced society would be fueled by solar, hydroelectric, wind, and literal manpower. Males would labor in industry, agriculture, energy production, and transportation, eliminating the need for the internal combustion engine. Some fortunate males would be personal slaves to Women, but the vast majority would labor anonymously in service to the Gynarchy. Permanent male chastity would be the norm, caged lust the new internal combustion engine, channeled into productivity. Ladies could decide whether Their personal slaves would be permitted release. Male muscle would be applied as intended. As the Essemian Manifesto points out, the male's advantages in physical strength were never intended to dominate, intimidate and abuse Women. Rather, that strength was meant to be harnessed to Divine Feminine will.

Isa:  I'd love to be a fly on the wall at one of the rituals of this church...

Slave:  I can go into more depth about my experiences regarding Goddess Kali, specifically a ritual I attended at a temple devoted to Her in India.

Isa:  Sure, tell us!

Slave:  In the autumn of 2013, I visited India. My serendipitous opportunity to experience a Goddess Kali temple ceremony was fascinating and intense. I was touring the Amber Palace in Jaipur, when a guide grabbed my arm and said, "Come. The ceremony is about to begin." I didn't know what he was talking about, but followed him anyway. Goddess Kali was the Goddess of the Raj family who had the palace built. The massive silver doors that led to the temple depicted the fierce Goddess Kali defeating and trampling the demons, who are male. The temple was a small stone room with pillars, lit only by a few candles. It was both womb and tomb, appropriately enough. In a small cell at the front, protected by bars, was the black stone statue of the Goddess, so bedecked with flower leis that She was barely visible. I went up to the priest, who was behind the bars, to receive my bindi. Then the ceremony started. A group of us stood, gazing at the dark statue. No words, only the clanging of drums and  bronze gongs in a rhythmic fashion that had a powerful, almost hypnotic effect in such a small space. The throbbing effect of the gongs was positively spine-jarring. The pulsing of the drums and gongs reverberated from my feet, to my balls, to my head, placing me in a trance state. I felt I should be naked and kneeling before the image of the Goddess. The ceremony was brief but very powerful.

I was aware of Goddess Kali for many years before I had the temple experience, and I was naturally curious about a Goddess who seemed unique. She was not primarily a fertility Goddess, nor solely a Mother Goddess. She was not defined in reference to man; rather, She was above man. Literally, She stood atop him. It was inevitable that I would be drawn to Her. The temple experience was transformative in the sense that I determined to practice devotional chastity. In essence, I offered control of my lingam to Goddess Kali's earthly representatives. Since then, I have not spilled seed without permission. I have also practiced a form of devotional yoga to honor the Goddess. This is done with a very strict Yogini Who also follows Goddess Kali. During the sessions, we are both naked, although I am not permitted to gaze upon nor touch Her. I am locked in chastity and the Yogini attaches bare metal alligator nipple clamps at the beginning of the session. In most cases, I chant a mantra of praise to the Goddess  throughout. It is a strenuous form of yoga, and the Yogini prefers the whip to words when correcting my form. There is no orgasmic release. I'm not sure the Yogini believes in the male orgasm. Nevertheless, it is such a powerful meditative state that I have often stumbled from Her residence uncertain of where I am, what time it is, or even who I am! I've forgotten where I parked.

Isa:  Sounds a bit like 'mindfulness' you prescribe to a literal interpretation of Kali as a deity?

Slave:  I don't necessarily believe in ethereal corporeal beings. It is the philosophy represented by the Goddess that I embrace.

Isa:  Let me clarify - this is not SL roleplay, this is an actual RL lifestyle for you, correct?

Slave:  You are correct. This is not just SL roleplay. It is my RL lifestyle.

Isa:  Do you serve a Priestess currently?

Slave:  I do not serve a Priestess currently, although I sometimes seek Their guidance.

Isa:  How far does your devotion to a Priestess go?  If your Priestess asked you, for example, to lop off your hand, would you do it?

Slave:   I am open to some body modification. I would wonder what the purpose of hand removal would be, as it would make me a less useful slave, but I wouldn't object to branding, additional piercings, or useful body modifications.

Isa:  You didn't exactly answer my question. :)

Slave:   If I were Her property and we had an established relationship, yes.

Isa:  Is there a community here for this in SL?

Slave:  There is a "Goddess Kali" group in SL, although it's not very active. To my knowledge, the SMC does not have an official presence on SL.

Isa:  I'd also like to hear a bit about how this belief system is manifested specifically with you...for example, you are celibate; is that permanent?  If so that must be agonizing!

Slave:  I am not actually celibate. Rather, I practice devotional chastity. I am sexually active, but I never spill seed without permission. This is often agonizing, as I do not know if or when I will be permitted release, and being sexually active provides frequent reminders of what I am often denied. I have learned a lot about vicarious pleasure.

Isa:  So you are basically in a constant state of orgasm denial....until you are permitted to release.

Slave:  True, Ms Isabelle. Denial is my natural state. It helps me to focus my energy on fitness, service and submission. It's a constant reminder of my place, paying homage to Goddess Kali and the Divine Feminine.

Isa:  So who gives you permission to release?

Slave:  At the moment, it is Whomever I serve, Ms Isabelle. I have thought about seeking a Domme Who would require permanent chastity. I know it sounds insane.

Isa:  To be honest, that DOES sound a bit insane.  I haven't gone without at least one daily orgasm for probably well over a year.  The thought of never having one again...shudders.

Slave:  It would have sounded insane to myself from a couple years ago, but there's something about the intensity, the commitment that is very compelling.  My record for denial is six months.

Isa:  Holy shit...I bet that felt AMAZING when you finally released!  Were you both caged and unstimulated?

Slave:  After six months, I was climbing the walls, but there was something about it that felt important. I was caged for the last six weeks.

Isa:  Do you prefer being caged?

Slave:  I'm not sure if it's easier to be caged or not. Uncaged offers the temptation to cheat all the time, but the cage constantly reminds one of confinement, especially in the morning!

Isa:  Ah but sweet you have a favorite method for finishing?  After that long of a time I can't imagine it would take long to orgasm.

Slave:  After six months, one is not picky. :)

Isa:  Huge thank you to Slave for taking the time out for this interview, and for his patience with me in getting it assembled!

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  1. Well. That was an interesting read. I don't think I have that kind of commitment to anything though. No orgasms....But I do kinda get that it would show you your own strength. I just don't want to be that strong. I think Slave would be very interesting to know!