Friday, August 16, 2019

Fellatio Friday #153

Hello and welcome! It's time for another week of cock and load action! Loaded as they are, they look ready to fire and fun to play with! And we love to see the difference in styles (well, in sizes too, but it's another story!) and approaches to the theme. The theme being...yes, you've got it, sucking cock!  At least one. Often more than one! But also not quite sucking, and eyeing it up, craving it, spoiling it...All those things! Plus, yes, ice cream and such.

Cruise Night by Chase Stone - for those who love a good ride for the night!

So, I believe you have to join the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group if you haven't yet, just saying! The largest themed of its kind, it is moderated to have little to no off-topic pic. This posts recaps a few of the many contributions that we get to see and enjoy every week: we thank our regular contributors who post many every time, and we thank also those who get in the mood once in a blue moon but that contribute to the constant growth of the group nonetheless. We feature one pic per person tops every week, and sometimes it's too little, and we don't aim to cover every single beautiful and interesting shot there is the very week it comes out - that's why you see sometimes here pics from months back. Enjoy now!

Stick It In Your Mouth - Igor Romanov

Weener Betweener - Candy Winslet

Creamy Popsicle - Markus Steiner

A long long day - Queen Poupee

Big City Sistas - Jackie Madison

Fellatio Friday with Zara - David Storm

Cheesy-cake - Ali Denali

Just the tip - Daxie

Suck It - Regina Willard

Snapshot_004 - LGagax

Down on my knees, really just need... - Zeyne

Chrysta on the beach - Emily Ann (bluegrassemily03)

Elektra Has Me Moaning - Wade Masters

Eve Blackwell Takes it All - Marcus Strong

Mistress said I been bad - Ivy

FF mess - Traci Quandry

Fellatio Friday 16-08-19 - Lisa63

Hard - Jeza May

The glowing mornings - Sandra Palletier

Suck - Alexis Futanari

Deep sea diving - EJSilverstar

Sexy Rendevous 2 - Jewell Infinity

SHAFT_02082019_021 - Cathy Serrari

Random Acts of Sex - 087 - Fellatio Friday - Kayla Whittaker

Do not lose a drop - Jade Doet

friday afternoon with Meg7_001 - Josie Chrodhearg

What Happens In The Back Alley... - Carola Conover

You know your place. - Cherry Varnish

The best part of waking up 06 - Cass Leslie

Anticipation (in detention) - Morgan Talbot


Just another orgy! - Amy Starr

verda_1566 -  Verda Tsib

chocolate - Smash Bros Sl

Fellatio Friday - Avril Star

Just like that - Alea Strong

And I am closing the post with ...without a doubt one of the most original and I believe, painful (altho, at that point she might be dead already! ) take on FF with Roman Warden's All The Way Through (Overhead), and with a sexy contribution from The Topless Dane herself, Victoria Somerset in this Fellatio Friday - Give it up! Relax, there's plenty for both!

Another week in the books! Enjoy your Friday and no cum fights in the cafeteria!

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