Friday, August 9, 2019

Fellatio Friday #152

Hello and welcome! Friday, and such a hot one. Uff! But You are all happy to indulge in the hottest activities and lick lollies like there's no tomorrow! I appreciate. So what do we have this week in the sexiest oral sex group on the SL side of flickr? Let's see..

Milk it (FF) by Skorpio ! Succulent summer treat as it is!

I am talking about the Dog Star Fellatio Friday flickr group, obviously! We just passed 11'000 entries, which is just "wow" to me, considering it's all pictures themed, no randomness that is unrelated to the subject. Join the fun and enjoy the juicy bits, brought to you by..not me, not Dog Star, but rather all of you! We love to receive dozens of contributions weekly and we hope we can celebrate even more of these fantastic pictures ! Let's start already, shall we?

The Arch - Delia Tafler

Winning combination - Jade Doet

Ali - Marcus Olodum

Fellatio Friday- Aug 9/19 - Ivori Faith

Untitled -by Shana Wild

Feed Me - Jessee Star

Pour Some Sugar on Me - Brodie Cole

Gorgeous Lil Slut Dibella_001 - Tyrel Gibbs


Untitled by  Jaffe Varriale

Completely focused on you - Lex Borsuk
"HUMP DAY 7AUG2019 Bad Girlfriend💗 - Scarlett Wolf

Greedy Girl - Jewell Infinity

Frosting - Ali Denali

Moments before the Shower - Kain SilverFang

Balance - Kera Firecaster

Her Touch - Grimblood Skall

Hard help is good to find - Emma Yuzawa

Learning to share - Sam Dellaux

Lady Mascara: Licking - Sucu Uriza

Late night orgy! - Amy Starr

Fellatio Friday 09-08-2019 - Lisa63 lt

Untitled by Sergey Uralia

and Untitled by Hitomi

Suck - Alexis Futanari

It's Good To Be King - Kozmo Reitman

another Untitled one this time by Schism Zeplin

Covered Puppy Girl  - Regina Willard

What's for Breakfast? - David Storm

My Favorite Teacher - Marcus Strong

Random Acts of Sex - 032 - Kayla Whittaker

Daily Double His POV - DonnieK Capalini

I'm so hungry - Abhati O

And how to close this post? With our top contributor in terms of pictures, and certainly second to none in quality: she does them all (ehm, I mean, every type of pics? How to enjoy a fuckboy by Sandra Palletier, one of those portraits who fit in my opinion the theme of the group so well. And likewise, this wet and sticky pic by someone who has been absent for a while, the always exceptional  Addison Sumerwind in Beg, featuring our Fellatio alpha mr. Marcus Strong himself.

And this hot week is in the books too. Hope you'll have loads more of fun in the next days! Enjoy!

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